Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life Coaching has shifted the paradigm of how people who seek help with life transitions. Finding a "helper" to instead partner with them in designing their desired future. Unlike therapy or other methods, Life Coaching assist people to design their future rather than getting over their past. Thus, the focus lie on your desired future.




3 principles of Life Coaching

  1. Confidentiality and trust between client and coach
  2. Partnership based of equality between client and coach
  3. The future is where the desired focus is




My approach

For me, life coaching is not about telling people how they ought to live their lives. I do not believe in this approach at all. Are you looking for someone that will give you the answers to all your problems? Are you looking for someone to tell you what to do?  I’m sorry to disappoint you, I am not that person. YOU are the expert of you. Nobody knows what makes your heart tick better than you. Nobody knows what is needed in your life better than you. I will not be the one realising your dreams – YOU will. What I will help you with, is merely gaining access, a better understanding and the support you need to act upon all that information YOU already have. You might think that you don’t know, but take my word for it – you know.

Nobody knows what makes your heart tick better than you



When coaching

The client-coach relationship is an ongoing partnership with the purpose of producing fulfilling results in your personal life as well as your professional life. The subject of our focus completely depends on the things that are important to you. Since every human being is unique and have unique experiences of life and it’s circumstances – ther is no "one" magical recipe or checklist of how to coach an individual. Having trained with the best coaches in the business and an exceptional toolbox at my disposal, I am confident with dancing in the moment, using the technique required in that specific situation. I provide an empowering process that supports and enhances the skills, resources and creativity that I know you already have. Using our creativity we co-create visions and goals for all aspects of your life, as well as multiple strategies to support achieving those goals.