My Story

Alex_FitnessMy story. I am Alex. My enthusiasm for new challenges and constant desire to broaden my horizon have led me on a never ending journey across the world. One week after graduating upper secondary school I packed a bag and left my home city Helsingborg in Sweden to travel, work and study in different countries around the globe. Somewhere along the way I discovered the divine beauty of life and I fell in love with it. Ever since, I’ve made it my mission to pass on the awareness and inspire the people in my path to dream big.

After finishing university in the field of real estate management at the age of 24 the little voice that whispered be the change you want to see in the world could no longer be contained. In that moment I knew deep within my heart that all my innate skills, and all my experiences in life had prepared me to be a life coach. But just as it is for all other human beings, the voice of encouragement and faith did not come alone. The other voice inside my head, the one that had been stopping me from going for the dream of working with something I didn’t even knew existed, said: “Don’t you need to be older?” Don’t you have to be a psychologist or something? Don’t you have to this, and don’t you have to that… Sounds familiar? Assumptions. The mother of all fuck ups. So one day I said, enough. So far, I have fiercely and boldly accomplished every single dream I set up for myself. I know how to do that. Actually, I am an expert of doing that. And that is exactly what I want for the world: That people follow their dreams. That people can’t wait to wake up in the morning because they feel alive, happy and live a fulfilling life with a purpose. That people love themselves and realize just how special they are and how much they have to offer. Not in 5 years, not when that thing is finished or when that other thing has happed – NOW, right now is the time to live your dream life, because tomorrow it could be gone.

Life comes with the gift of imperfection. To get somewhere, we got to start somewhere and as easy as it sounds that journey often starts with putting one foot in front of the other. Approaching life through a learning perspective, no matter what the external circumstances may be, there is always an opportunity to grow. This is the fuel for my radiant enthusiasm and motivation. I believe the greatest knowledge in life is self-knowledge and learning the language of ones soul, because the power of passion and peace of self love brings out the the best of us.


My experiences

Over the past 7 years I have worked in 5 different countries in various different industry sectors such as personal & organizational development, event & project managing, alpine guiding, singer & songwriter, human resources, catering, fitness & wellbeing. Constantly moving around finding myself surrounded by different cultures and languages I am able to offer my services in English, Spanish, French & Swedish. In addition to my university education in Real Estate Management, I did my Life Coach Training in 2014 in Switzerland with the incredible CTI® Coaches Training Institute (, followed by the CTI® Leadership Program in Spain together with leaders from all around the world. I completed my Fitness Instructor Training Program in 2012 in Sweden with SAFE education and my Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 at the bottom of the Himalayas in India at Kaivalya Yoga School. For further information or references, please do not hesitate to contact me.